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How to Change or Correction Passenger Name on Iberia Flight Ticket? Iberia Change Policy

Before making a booking we should always remember to keep our documents handy, so that svich mistakes can be avoided but without complete information. If you have booked iberia Airline ticket with a missing or incorrect name then what to do ? Well Iberia airline does provide a clear explanation on it that the booking made with the name should match with your legal documents which you need to show at the airport eg. your aadhaar card, voter Id or passport. If it doesn’t match they shall not allow the passenger to board the flight. But some relief has been provided if I don't do it correctly.

Iberia Name Change Policy

Iberia Airlines Passenger Name change or correction policy

  • The ticket should be issued by Iberia airlines only and as well as the flight itinerary should be managed by them only. 

  • Your name should be the same as it appears in your official Id, i.e. any middle name if it’s there or any abbreviation. 

  • But if you fail to do so then you can change it within 24 hours of booking without any charge in the ‘ manage booking’ section.

  • After the 24 hour risk  free period charges may apply to name change or correction.

  • You can change upto 3 characters separately for first, middle or last name. In Total 9 characters if any.

  • Passenger also need to update their name change separately, in case of multiple flight segments are involved 

  • Name change on a ticket with another passenger is not allowed in Iberia airlines.

  • If a passenger needs to change the name then he/ she has to cancel the current ticket , ask for a refund and then make a booking with a new name.

  • Name changes in package booking must be made through calling their customer support. 

Process of how to change name on Iberia flight ticket 

Before we begin its steps; it should always be kept in mind that Iberia airlines allows the name change request to a certain period of time before the departure date. 

  • Change of name change or amendments are chargeable. 

  • You need to pay the fee accordingly.

  • It’s fee is per flight segment for each passenger separately. 

  • Fare difference may also be applied

  • You can even contact the airline customer support and ask for the information regarding name change or correction.

  • Executive will guide you correctly as per your requirements. 

  • Fares and fees may differ serving your purposes. 

  • Sometimes cancelling the current reservation and booking a new ticket with the correct name can be cheaper. 

Fees of name change or correction in air ticket 

  • It may cost from 50 USD to 200 USD depending on your need.

  • Full information can be obtained by contacting the airline customer service number. 

After completing the name change process you can check your new e - ticket. You will get confirmation regarding it. And in case of any query you can always contact the executive for any help. 

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