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How to Cancel iberia Airlines Flight ticket| 24 Hours Cancellation Policy- fee

Unexpected situations do come in our lives which may hamper our plans and schedules and may cause passengers to get stuck in such situations where they need to cancel their tickets. But when it comes to Air passengers rights, they are well maintained by Iberia airlines. It does allow its passengers to claim compensation against cancellation, delayed flights. It covers both way flights; arrival and departure. 

Cancellation policy of Iberia Airlines 

  • If passengers cancel their ticket within 24 hours of purchase then no cancellation changes will be applied.

  • After the grace period of  1 days cancellation charges will be applied.

  • Cancellation charges depend on date , time and distance

  • Cancellation charges are acceptable on Iberia official website or at ticket booking counters.

  • If the ticket is refundable then passengers can claim for the refund.

  • The refund amount will be transferred with 7 to 8 working days. It may get delayed to 15 days if done through a travel agent.

Iberia 24 hours cancellation policy

This policy works in the USA under The Airlines Reporting Corporation 

  • It mainly covers that when you cancel your ticket with 24 hours of purchase, in case it is booked a week or more prior to the departure date, then the whole amount will be refunded back to the passenger. 

  • But cancellation fees or penalty charges may apply after the risk-free period and will be charged accordingly. 

  • You can cancel the flight at any time. 

How to cancel an Iberia airline ticket 

There are three methods of cancelling your iberia booking through online, via phone and cancelling tickets at the airport.

Online cancellation 

  • Go to their official website ie 

  • Click on ‘flight’

  • In the ‘booking’ category select ‘ manage your booking’

  • Fill in the required fields of ‘ticket booking number’ and passengers last name’ 

  • Click on ‘manage booking button’

  • Select your ‘flight’ and tap the ‘cancel’ button 

  • Now you can check the confirmation of cancellation through a registered email Id or phone number. 

Via phone cancellation 

  • You can contact Iberia airlines at +1-800-370-8748

  • You can even contact Iberia airlines at specified area contact numbers which you can acquire through their website or customer support.

Cancelling ticket at airport 

  • At the airport, you need to go to the airport ticket office.

  • Talk to the executive directly regarding your cancellation and then the amount would be refunded back to the same mode with which you made the payment at the time of the air booking.

Refunds on Cancellation of Iberia Airlines

  • It does not allow compensation against bad weather, problems at the airport. 

  • It does compensate when a flight is delayed more than 3 hours or more due to technical issues or staff strike.

  • Compensation can be around US$ 700 

  • 3 years of grace period is given to claim passengers for their compensation

  • According to Europe rights passengers should be offered an alternative to reach their destination or it should be refunded the full amount.

  • If the passenger is informed in advance about the cancellation less than 14 days then one can claim up to $ 700 per ticket 

  • But if Iberia airline are able to book you a flight with similar timings then they will not pay compensation. And need not have to pay extra charges. 

  • Compensation depends upon the length of the flight internal or non eternal flights of EU

  • Refunds on awards tickets are non - refundable

  • Refund amount will be credited through the same mode of payment as done at the time of booking. 

  • Due to covid 19 you cannot travel.

  • Because of the Death of a family member.

Cancellation fee of Iberia Airlines 

  • Cancellation fee depends on the flight date, time and duration, route. It may be charged $200-500 after the risk-free period. 

  • Remaining balance will be issued as an e- credit which you can use for future use for booking flights at Iberia Airlines.

  • If you are having a refundable ticket then you can cancel it anytime before the departure and you will be refunded to original mode of payment 

  • Business flex category is for free

  • Express fares are non- refundable 

  • Flex fare categories are chargeable after the 24 hours grace period. 

  • Business fare class are chargeable

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