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How to Change or correction Passenger Name on Delta Flight Ticket: 1800-370-8748

If you have a delta Flight ticket, you should carefully check the passenger name on the ticket before boarding the flight. And if there’s any name error in the flight ticket, then it should be changed immediately without any delay. Although, there’s no issue if the first and last name gets interchanged but if there are some other errors and omissions in the name, then this simple guide will help you make name corrections instantly.

But the questions that pop out here are can we really make name changes in Delta flight ticket? If yes, then how can we change the passenger name? What are the rules for changing the name on the ticket? Does Delta charge any fee for changing name on the flight? If yes, then how much fee does Delta charge to change the name on the ticket?

Well, the first thing to be noted before changing the name on Delta ticket is that you can only make corrections in the name. Delta does not allow you to transfer the ticket to someone else. Moreover, according to 24 hour policy, Delta airlines allow free of cost name changes if changes are done within 24 hours of booking and the flight was booked at least one week before the departure. No matter whether you have booked a domestic or international flight, any changes in the passenger name can be done for free under the 24 hour name change policy.

However, any changes in the passenger name after 24 hours of booking can result in change fee of $75 to$100 depending on the passenger cabin class and time left in the flight departure.

Delta Name Change Policy

Delta airlines name change policy

For corrections in the middle name, you need to first make corrections in the PNR and then submit the OSI message along with PNR to confirm that changes have been made.

And if there’s some error in the last name, then correction can be done in maximum three characters and the same needs to be updated in the PNR. However, if you wish to make correction in more than three characters, then you need to reach out to Delta sales support executive.  

Online procedure for name changes in Delta ticket

  • First, open your bookings page by visiting my trips section on Delta website or Delta app.

  • Next, submit your confirmation number and last name to view your flight details.

  • Then hit the edit button and make necessary changes in the passenger name field.

  • Now, before saving the changes check if Delta is charging any fee for the same or not.

  • If there’s no fee then hit the save button and confirm the changes made.

  • At last, you can download your updated ticket.

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