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How to Change or Correction Name on Copa Air Flight Ticket?

No matter how carefully we enter our details while booking the flight, we do omit or make errors while entering the details. Hence, to assist you with name errors in Copa airlines, we have come up with a simple yet effective guide on Copa airlines name change Policy. Let’s have a brief view of the same.

Changing or correcting the passenger name on Copa flight ticket is a cumbersome task as Copa airlines does not allow name changes due to security reasons. However, you can still make slight corrections in the name printed on the ticket by filling the name correction form, if some basic conditions mentioned below are followed:

  1. Women can change their last name in case of marriage by filling the Name change request form or by contacting the airlines.
    2.       You cannot change the entire first name printed on the ticket. Only corrections can be made if there’s any spelling error in the name.
    3.       Only one time correction is allowed per ticket.
    4.       You cannot change the passenger name, if any one segment of the ticket is already used.
    5.       The name change request form must be submitted within 24 hours of booking and before 7 days left for the departure as after this risk free period, making corrections in the name can result in a change fee of $50-$70.

Copa Air Name Change Policy

Copa airlines Name change policy

As per Copa airlines 24 hour policy, you can only make corrections in the passenger name within 24 hours of booking by submitting the name change request form but whole name cannot be changed. And if you make name changes after 24 hours then change fee will be applicable based on the cabin class. Moreover, for tickets booked via travel agents/ agency, name change fee will be applicable irrespective of the 24 hours time frame.

How do I change the name on Copa flight ticket?

  1. Any correction in the name on the ticket can be done by filling up the Name change request form.
  2. But if you wish to change the entire first name, last name or both then cancel the current booking first under manage my trip tab on the airlines’ website, obtain the refund for the same and then rebook the flight with the new name and make payment. But make sure that the cancellation is made as per the 24 hours policy otherwise you might land up paying the cancellation fee for cancelling your flight beyond the risk free period.

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