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How to cancel Cathay Pacific Airlines Flight ticket? 24 hours Cancellation Policy- Fee

Cancellations have become a bit confusing in the Covid-19 era. But, a clear understanding of airline’s updated cancellation policies saves both our time and money. Hence, to help you save your money while cancelling Cathay flight ticket, we have come up with a quick guide following which you can cancel your ticket easily and for free!! How? Let’s see below.

How to cancel Cathay Pacific airlines flight ticket and get refund?

  • Log-in to Cathay Pacific website or mobile app and tap on manage trips

  • Confirm your ticket number and last name to view your booking

  • Then click on cancel tab, check all the details and cancellation fee if applicable and confirm your cancellation.

  • Then immediately fill up the refund request form and get the refund within 10-15 days.

Cathay Pacific cancellation

Cathay Pacific 24 hour cancellation

The 24 hour cancellation rule drafted by US transport authorities clearly states that all flights to/from US can be cancelled without any cancellation fee provided the tickets must be booked 7 or more days before the departure and cancelled within 24 hours of purchasing. This rule applies to all types of fares whether refundable or non-refundable but does not apply on flights that fly to destinations other than US.

But according to recent updates, the airlines now allow free of cost cancellation irrespective of the time when the ticket is cancelled and the place of origin or destination. But only the tickets that were purchased before 23 March 2021 and have departure date of up to 31 March 2021 are eligible for free of cost cancellation after 24 hours. If you purchased your ticket after 23 March 2020 and have the departure date later than 31March 2021, then contact the airlines to know more the cancellation rules.

What is the flight cancellation fee of Cathay Pacific airlines?

As per the recent updates, no cancellation fee is applicable on flights that were booked before 23 March 2020 and supposed to depart between 1 June 2020 and 31 March 2021.

But for flights with departure date later than 31 March 2021, airlines may or may not charge the fee considering the Covid situations during cancellation period.

What is Cathay Pacific refund policy?

Refund will only be provided if the flight is cancelled as per 24 hour cancellation rule. After the lapse of 24 hours, points will be issued in lieu of refund that can be used to make bookings in future.

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